charity means maturity

HanCoin is a charity token

Hancoin is a charity association newly established after several good years of volunteering. We aimed to support and develop children from disadvantaged backgrounds, actively involving ourselves in education, culture and sports. We came up with the idea of ​​making a cryptocurrency to work with several companies, foundations, projects, our mission is to introduce the DIGA token in transactions between all people who want to help other people.


Hancoin is the first token that is built for foundations and non-profit organizations to help each other

Before we arrived in a world of cryptocurrency, we thought of building something human. Hancoin is a charity token for foundations, organizations, charity projects that collaborate with each other, Hancoin offers free tokens to those who help develop the project as a sign of charity. We are at the beginning of the road and all the projects that will be financed by charity be made public.

Our mission is to work with foundations and charity projects to integrate Hancoin cryptocurrency to help vulnerable people in any field. Joining organizations will have a positive and effective impact.

Our Mission!

The Hancoin charity token was created on BSC and BEP-20 the one that makes it ecologically green. To protect the planet all conferences are done online with different charities which helps to fight poverty.


Supply – 10 Billions


Help us to help
others better!

The team of volunteers thought that it would be very useful if they donate cryptocurrency to help poor families all over the world. From all the donations that will be collected, we will make the result public on our telegram account.  Thanks for the support, don’t forget that charity means maturity.

Hancoin Roadmap

  • Q4 2022

    - Start charity token project
    - Listed on coinsniper, coinmoner coinvote, top100token, coinalphacoinboom, coincatapult, coinxhigh, coindiscovery, cointoplist
    - First campaincharity donation
  • Q1 2023

    - Second charity donation
    - Listed on coinmarketcap
    - Advisory board
  • Q3 2023

    - Advisory board
    - Listed on coingecko
  • Q4 2023

    - Massive foundation involvement with Hancoin
    - Charitable foundations transfer hancoin to each other
  • Q1 - 2024

    - Hancoin has done 5000 charity projects
    - Hancoin recognized as the only and best charity token

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In the future we will develop Hancoin together with charity foundations around the world as the only charity coin. we left with the idea that it is much easier to manage charity through crypto.